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4. International Programs

Study and Exchange Programs at Koeki University for Our Students and International Students.

 For International Students Wishing to Study at Koeki University.
If you are interested in experiencing Japanese culture and studying along the beautiful Japan sea coast in the rural Northwest countryside, join us on some of the many courses taught in Japanese at Koeki University. There is a list available in English of all courses  (to be uploaded soon). You can apply directly via mail to the International Center (see Contacts) with any questions and to ask for an application form.
Koeki University welcomes students from all educational, ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as disabled or minority students, and is very flexible for time frame and personal preferences that match students’ curriculum goals and needs. We are very aware of students’ individual restrictions and are able to accommodate intensive study hours with a credit cross-class collective approach. Students may enroll for one year or two years that will count toward credits for their degree in their own country.
International students should have an interest in learning Japanese, in Japanese culture and ethics, and in Japanese teaching style and lifestyle. Immersion based learning can be mixed with some classes in English. Immersion based classes should be in a subject closely connected to that the student is taking at their own home university (LINK, under construction).
In the link above, prospective students can see there are several courses taught in English (Economics, Public Speaking, Academic Writing, Japanese Culture, some Social Welfare courses/ Field Work,  and more) so students can pace their study of Japanese and earn credits from these as well. We offer
• a bi-lateral exchange package
• individual needs-assessed one way options. For full details of home stay or resident hall options and financial estimated cost please contact us.
Costs vary according to students’ requirements and needs.

Koeki University Students Study Abroad Options.
Below is the list of established contacts and schools we are currently sending students to and accepting students from. We hope to expand this list and continue to connect and make affiliations with universities from all over the world to give our students the most flexibility and choice within the design of their own degree.
• New Zealand (The University of Waikato) 
• China (Northeast Forestry University and Fudan University)
• Russia (Moscow State University)
• America (Creighton University)
• Ireland/UK (University College Cork)

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