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1. Introduction

General Overview & the Role of Koeki University

Today the Shonai area in the top west corner of the Tohoku region is brimming with a mood of creativity and enterprise. This new spirit has given rise to a new university. The twentieth century was the era that focused on money and material goods, and on capital and the rule of the market; but the twenty-first century is the era of people and mind/heart, that we call “Koeki”. This will be a world in which children will be able to live as they should, and people as humanely as they possibly can.  The speed of globalization has accelerated in the twenty-first century and people around the world have confronted serious and sometimes increasingly intangible frictions between cultures, religions, and thoughts. We realize that not only whole countries and continents, but also small communities have connected to  a global world. In our university, students will broaden their minds and deepen their specialist knowledge through our education in order to respond to these changes in social ethnography and to contribute to the harmonious development of cultural exchange, welfare and economics. We expect our students to be able to understand the different values and cultures, and to find a way toward a more reliable and symbiotic society.


History: KU Celebrate its 15th Anniversary in 2015

Koeki University was originally established in 2001 with the enthusiastic demand from the local people and government. The present location along the Mogami River with its silver surface and view of two magnificent mountains, was chosen as the site of our campus and construction began in 2000. In the beginning, we started with the invaluable assistance of Keio University. We started with a single department and a single faculty.  By 2014, two departments - Departments of Business/ Policy Management and of Cross-Cultural Studies - were set up; the latter of which the International Liberal Arts Program was newly created to develop a global point of view. We received a COC grant from the Ministry of Education in the pursuit of revitalization and recreation of the local community. We strive to contribute to society and local communities through our distinctive educational system and learning methodology with a global standpoint in the coming years.

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